Closet Organization Ideas for a Minimalist Lifestyle

An approach of minimalism for your closet.   Can you do it?  Yes, you can!

Most of us possess a fairly big closet, but more than likely it is still the virtually worthless space in the original layout when you first moved in to your home.  It truly is no wonder things end up “piled up” and absolutely lost in there.  Part of becoming a minimalist is getting organized.  I want to provide you with some closet organization ideas.

First of all, one that I have always loved to do since I was a kid, pull EVERYTHING out of your closet.  Make a quick decision of what you can keep and what you can get rid of.  A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably never will.

Once you’ve got decided on what you are going to keep, you must decide how you wish to keep it there back in the closet.  Do you wish to hang it?  Put it about the floor?  Possess a handful of shelves? Or store some things around the floor?  This info, hopefully, will assist you to take the proper steps to get your closet organized once and for all!

Multi-tier hanging clothes rods are extremely useful.  You’ll be able to install “half rods” in several locations as very well.  This can be an superb choice in case you need to have a full length rod spot for dresses and want a shorter hanging space for shirts.  Most of us possess a standard closet with one particular hanging clothes rod all of the way across.  Even simply adding a second 1 down below will positively DOUBLE your closet storage space.  Hopefully, you may not need a second rod if you were able to get rid of a lot of old clothes you never wear anyway.

Use baskets, bins, dividers, or smaller shelves to separate and organize your smaller closet things.  You should definitely place your sweaters in a basket or on a shelf as clothing hangers can trigger them to lose their shape and/or stretch them out.  No reason to ruin perfectly good sweaters because that will cause you to go out and buy more.

Cubbies, as they are called, are good for footwear, scarfs, belts and items like these.  Carousals are great for ties, hats, purses and the like.  If you might be creative you may perhaps would like to use a specific closet organization item for an entirely several purpose.  This really is YOUR project so make it function for YOU.

This really is your chance to customize your closet storage.  Make it accessible, convenient and efficient for what you need to keep.  Some of us have a boatload of clothing and only a couple pairs of shoes.  Some of us even have two pairs of shoes for EVERY outfit (Again, refer back to the paragraph about getting rid of the stuff you don’t use).

What it comes down to is that not one “cookie cutter” closet organization system is for everyone.  For the most effective outcome, take a complete inventory of the things you will be putting back in your closet and make an organization plan that may give the proper amount of space for the things you need.

Are you planning to live inside your current residence for a long time?  If so, a permanent closet organization system is something you will be interested in.  For those who move often or who are paying rent, look at making use of removable closet organization products so you can take it with you when you bail ship.  Otherwise, every time you move out, you will be buying more closet organizers and wasting a lot of money.  Make sure you price out different closet organization systems before making your decision.  Even start online and go to the websites of the big box stores to see what they have.

Most of us out here do not realize the great amount of space that we have inside our closets.  Another thing to consider is the space on the back of the door.  Use that space!  There is room to hang a bag for hats, belts, umbrellas, purses, gloves, and so on.  Actually, it is an ideal location for hanging a shoe organizer. Please take the behind the door space into consideration when devising your customized closet layout.  You may then realize you have more space than you think.

Take measurements and bring them with you when you go looking at closet organization systems.  It is good to have this with you when you go.  In addition, bring the measuring tape, along with the pen and paper with you so you can measure and compare the closet organization system.

Some final words about closet organization ideas.  First thing is first and please make sure to go through your closet for items you have not worn and will probably never wear.  I know that it is hard to let go of things, especially when you paid money for them.   Remember that there are a lot of other people that could really use those items if you donate them to The Salvation Army or Goodwill.  This will be a tax write off too for the value of the items.

There you have it – a minimalist lifestyle approach for your closet!

Less is Positively MORE!™

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